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Curl & Volume Kit



• No heat damage to your hair to keep it healthy. A curling iron damages, burns and tears the hair. HeatlessWaves gives you beautiful round smooth curls while preserving your beautiful hair quality.

• HeatlessWaves is easy to use, if you find it difficult to curl your hair with a traditional curling iron. You wrap your hair around the silk roller and secure with scrunchies.

• Prepare at night, ready in the morning. Get out of bed with your hair done. Forget the morning stress.

HeatlessWaves works best on damp hair. If you have dry hair, gently damp the lengths to create curls more easily. Make a middle part and divide the hair into two sections. The hair claw is used to attach the HeatlessWaves to the top of your head.

Twist the hair around the HeatlessWaves (away from the face). Use the same technique as if you were curling your hair with a curling iron.

Use the included scrunchies to secure the ends of the HeatlessWaves to your hair. Remove the hair claw from the top of the head. The whole process takes about 5 minutes. Leave in your hair for 3-6 hours or preferably overnight and enjoy perfectly styled hair in the morning.

Create your dream curls

Choose yourself which curls you want. If you want tighter curls, twist the hair more. If you want bigger, looser curls, twist the hair around but don't wrap the hair around as tightly. Keep the curls the next day by sleeping with HeatlessWaves again or by using the product for 10 min - 1 h.

Beauty Sleep

We recommend sleeping with HeatlessWaves on damp hair and removing it in the morning. If the curls are too loose for your liking, brush out the curls and loosely twist the hair around the HeatlessWaves again. Let sit for 10 -30 minutes.

What is the different between HeatlessWaves and a curling iron?

HeatlessWaves is completely heat-free and is best used in damp hair. It does not damage your hair and gives you beautiful curls without burning or tearing your hair. A curling iron is used with high heat, normally 100-200 °C, and on dry hair. They are two different products that give similar results.

Is it comfortable to sleep with HeatlessWaves?

Yes, it is soft and comfortable. Your hair becomes one with the product and is attached with the included scrunchies. HeatlessWaves is made of 100% mulberry silk, which gives your hair a silky texture. This product is favorably used together with our pillowcases in 100% mulberry silk.

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Our best selling HeatlessWaves® in Mulberry Silk paired with our BlowoutTie® in Mulberry Silk and Hair Brush Wild Boar with pouch and cleaner tool, Black

While a curling iron burns, damages, and tears your hair, HeatlessWaves® is designed to create beautiful curls without heat. Made from 100% mulberry silk for a soft and frizz-free result. HeatlessWaves gives you beautiful, even curls effortlessly while maintaining the quality of your hair.

Unlock the potential of your hair with BlowoutTie®, the ultimate game-changer that lets you preserve your current hairstyle or elevate it to new heights with added volume and curls overnight. Whether you're peacefully slumbering or conquering your day with activities like workouts, errands, or self-care, rest assured that BlowoutTie® will safeguard your precious hair. Simply gather your hair into a stylish top bun to effortlessly secure it using BlowoutTie®'s innovative design. Crafted exclusively for dry, styled hair, remember to avoid using BlowoutTie® on damp or wet strands for optimal results. Let BlowoutTie® revolutionize the way you protect and style your hair.

Gentle oval hairbrush with a combination of boar bristles and nylon bristles to help detangle hair for optimal results. The hairbrush stimulates the scalp and increases blood circulation. It distributes the natural oils from the scalp to the ends for reduced frizz and shiny, healthy hair. The air cushion adapts to the shape of the head and thanks to its practical size, it easily fits in a bag and on the go. Eco-friendly storage bag and cleaning tool included.

The Details

  • Material:

    100% Mulberry Silk, 22-momme

  • Color:

    Golden Sand

  • Length:

    95 cm, Ø 3 cm

  • Includes:

    1 hair claw and 2 satin scrunchies

How to use HeatlessWaves

Start with damp hair

Detangle your hair and make sure that it is evenly damp. Place HeatlessWaves on the top of your head and secure it with the inclding hair claw.

Twist your hair around HeatlessWaves

Secure HeatlessWaves at the top of your head and start wrapping. Secure with the satin scrunchies at the bottom.

Let HeatlessWaves work its magic

While your magic curls are being created, you can do other things. We recommend sleeping with HeatlessWaves overnight.

Remove HeatlessWaves

Remove the scrunchies and gently pull HeatlessWaves in an upwards direction.

Brush through your hair

Use our boar bristle brush for shiny, beautiful hair.

brunett tjej med vågigt hår rosa kimono

You look magical!

And, done! You've got the perfect curls completely without heat.


For best results, we recommend leaving your hair in HeatlessWaves overnight. That way, the hair gets enough time to form.

HeatlessWaves is gentle on the hair because it does not involve the use of heat. It reduces the risk of damage and helps preserve the hair's natural quality and moisture.

Yes, HeatlessWaves work on most hair types. However, the result may vary depending on the structure and texture of the hair. You can experiment with different techniques to find what suits your hair best.

The durability of HeatlessWaves may vary depending on hair type, styling method, and products used. Generally speaking, they can last a couple of days up to a week with the right technique and haircare.

To get the best results with HeatlessWaves, make sure your hair is evenly damp before you start. Be sure to let your hair dry completely before removing the band to ensure long-lasting results. Use styling products that help keep the shape of the curls.

Also, remember to wrap your hair tight rather than too loosely. This way, you'll have the option to brush through your hair later and create looser curls if desired.

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