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Lash Curler Refill Pads

99 Kr

• Built-in comb for perfectly separated lashes

• Ultra-soft round extra wide pad

• Ergonomic soft touch handle

• Advanced pressing mechanism for perfect control

Your lashes should be as clean of makeup as possible when you curl them. You can bend them several times as long as you have not applied mascara. Place the eyelash curler as close to the roots as possible. Lightly press and angle it outwards at the same time. Press and release a few times.

Pro tip: Curl one eye first and immediately apply mascara after curling. Then move on to the next eye. This technique ensures you achieve the maximum effect for a lift that lasts all day. Use favorably with our Eyelash Activating Serum Mascara.

• Premium cushion for perfect bounce

• Lifts and separates lashes for a perky and awake look

• Ideal if you want lashes that look longer, lifted, and lasts all day

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Five refill pads that make it soft and comfortable to curl the lashes at the lash line. Designed for use together with the Lenoites Eyelash Curler Lash Lift.

The Details

  • Handle:

    Soft touch

  • Safe:

    Handle designed so that you cannot get stuck with your fingers and tear off the lashes

  • Cushion:

    Extra wide cushion that reaches outside the metal edge so that the lashes cannot be accidentally cut off

  • Spring:

    Premium spring that bounces back to give the lashes the right pressure

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