Premium Slant Tweezer
Premium Slant Tweezer
Premium Slant Tweezer
Premium Slant Tweezer
Premium Slant Tweezer
Premium Slant Tweezer
Premium Slant Tweezer
Premium Slant Tweezer

Premium Slant Tweezer

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Slanted tweezers with premium quality, hand-filed precision tip to easily grab every hair every time.

• Hand-filed ultra-thin tip

• Grips every hair every time.

• 25 degree angled tip, the optimal angle for working towards the eyebrow.

After locating the unwanted hair, hold the tweezers with your thumb and forefinger, near the center of the tweezer body. Angle the tweezers 25° and move them to the unwanted hair. Grasp the hair and remove it by pressing the tweezer body and pulling in the direction of hair growth. Repeat until you have removed all unwanted hair.

Size: 15 x 3.5 x 0.254 cm

Material: Surgical steel

Included: Storage bag in artificial leather

Grabs even the smallest straws that you otherwise can't get hold of.

Gives you stable precision.

Ultra-thin hand-ground tip for perfect sharpness.

Easily removes both thick and thin hair.

Step 1. Premium Slant Tweezer removes hair between the eyebrows as well as small hairs under the eyebrows.
Step 2. Brow Sculpting Pencil fills in sparse areas and shapes your brows.
Step 3. Sculpting Gel shapes and sets hairs in place. The unique formula and perfect applicator create the perfect brows.

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The best tweezers you've ever owned

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A must-have tool for plucking your eyebrows.


To another level

Good for: The fussy

Feels like: Steel

Smells Like: Fragrance Free

FYI: Catches ALL hairs

Premium tweezers


• impatience

• hairs that cannot be grasped

• bad quality

Less damage, more beauty.

Each unit box is 100% recyclable and made from FSC-certified paper.

Lenoites is also connected to FTI. We pay packaging fees that cover the cost of recycling the packaging into new products.