Newly started beauty company already with major retailers Lyko and Meds

Entrepreneur and influencer Laila Högfeldt started her beauty brand Lenoites in April 2021 and has since worked hard to get stable sales going. During the days, the products were released at the retailers Lyko and Meds.


Lenoite's CEO and founder Laila Högfeldt's business concept is based on close relationships with her Instagram followers. She believes that over the past 10 years she has been sensitive to what is missing on the market is a major success factor and one of the reasons why the company is now with both Lyko and Meds.

- Since the beginning, the idea has been to create high-quality beauty products that you wish existed. Of course, now being able to see the products at large retailers feels great. It will be a receipt that we have succeeded, she says.

Lenoites was launched in April 2021 and in the first 8 months had a turnover of close to one million kroner. At that time, sales took place mainly via our own website. By being visible at the major retailers, Laila Högfeldt hopes to further increase her turnover.

- It will be very exciting to see how this collaboration can contribute to Lenoite's growth. We want our products to be easily accessible to everyone and this is a step in the right direction, she says.

The beauty company's signature product, the eyelash serum, is developed with 100% natural and powerful ingredients and the number of positive reviews is at a record high. A new product, eyebrow serum, is being launched these days, also developed with the help of market surveys and a lot of research.

- My strategy is to continue to have a dialogue with my market via social media. It is a concept that benefits both my customers and the company, concludes Laila Högfeldt.


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