Beauty products inspired by you

With Natural Beauty in Focus

My quest for healthier skin has inspired me to develop science-based beauty products that really deliver results, while being accessible to everyone.

Lenoites products are created through close collaboration with my followers. I firmly believe that it is not my job to tell our customers what they need. Instead, Lenoites listens to our customers' wishes and develops products to enhance their natural beauty.

I strongly believe in mutual communication, and together with our customers we can grow and develop. We offer high-quality products based on scientific research and outstanding formulations that at the same time feel luxurious to use. My hope is that Lenoite's products will become a central part of your beauty routine and accompany you on your life's journey, regardless of where you are in life.

With warmth and humility, Laila Högfeldt

We are proud to present our

eyelash serum with 100% natural ingredients

Developed together with doctors (of course free from prostaglandin analogues and other harmful hormones)


our 3 values

We put our heart and soul into each product for an unparalleled ability to present the best beauty products on the market.

To reflect our brand image and values, we strive for an elegant and sophisticated design. Our packaging is both attractive and functional, creating a sense of exclusivity and value for our customers.

We believe that everyday luxury is the ultimate luxury, and to offer an outstanding customer experience is the basis for this. For us, that means putting customer service first, providing thoughtful products, and constantly creating a welcoming feeling within our community. We strive to maintain a sense of exclusivity and to always listen to our customers' specific wishes.