Spa Headband
Spa Headband
Spa Headband
Spa Headband

Spa Headband

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Lenoites Spa Headband gives you the freedom to put on makeup , clean your face and apply lovely face masks with confidence. All while your hair is protected by the soft and protective microfiber material that keeps your hair smooth, dry and away from your face. The model is stretchable and sits comfortably over the head, and the soft velor is gentle on the skin. Easy to wash clean.

Durable material - 100% elastic microfiber. You can wash it several times without worrying that it will lose its shape and size.

Gentle - No velcro fastening that can catch or tear the hair. Instead, it is elastic to perfectly fit the head.

• Stable - Get rid of hair bands that slip, are too tight, too loose or too small for your head. This Spa Headband is designed to comfortably fit your head so you can enjoy what you're about to do without it getting in the way. It is there for you without you noticing.

Size: 8 cm front, 5 cm back

Color: White with black embroidered logo

Fabric: 100% elastic microfiber

• Sits comfortably

• High quality

• Adjusts to your head

Fast delivery

Order before 9am and it will be sent the same day. Valid Monday - Friday.

Nice to the head

Say goodbye to hair bands that slip, are too tight or are too small. Our design is adapted to you.

High quality & reusable

Wash it several times without worrying about it losing shape and size. Its high quality will remain the same.


your own time

Good for: Keeping your hair out of your face

Feels like: A soft toy

Smells like: Fragrance free

FYI: Vegan

Keep your hair out


• friction against the hair

• pressure against the head

• annoying bands that slide