Mulberry Silk Scrunchie, Rose Gold
Mulberry Silk Scrunchie, Rose Gold
Mulberry Silk Scrunchie, Rose Gold
Mulberry Silk Scrunchie, Rose Gold
Mulberry Silk Scrunchie, Rose Gold
Mulberry Silk Scrunchie, Rose Gold

Mulberry Silk Scrunchie, Rose Gold

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Beautiful and timeless scrunchie made of 100% mulberry silk with a weight of 22 momme - which is a measure of the quality and thickness of the silk. A piece of jewelry for the hair without rubbing the outer layer, which promotes healthy hair. Prevents marks and imprints during sets.

- No heat damage to your hair , which helps keep it healthy. A curling iron damages, burns and tears the hair. HeatlessWaves gives you beautiful round even curls while keeping your fine hair.

- HeatlessWaves is easy to use . If you find it difficult to use a traditional curling iron, this is the product for you. You simply wrap your hair around the roller and fasten your hair with the sThis is sooooo cute included scrunchies.

- Prepare at night, ready in the morning. Get out of bed with your hair done.

HeatlessWaves work best on damp hair. If you have dry hair, gently dampen the hair in the lengths for defined curls. Make a middle part and divide the hair into two sections.

The hair clip is used to attach the HeatlessWaves to the top of your head. Twist the hair around the HeatlessWaves (away from the face). Use the same technique as if you were curling your hair with a curling iron. Use the included scrunchies to secure the ends to your hair. Remove the hair clip from the top of the head. The whole process takes about 5 minutes.

Leave for 3-6 hours or preferably overnight and enjoy perfectly styled hair in the morning.

Create desired curls

.If you want smaller curls, twist the hair tightly around. If you want bigger, more wavy curls, wrap the hair in the same way, but don't pull as hard. Keep the curls by sleeping with HeatlessWaves again or by using the product for 10 min - 1 h.

Beauty sleep

We recommend sleeping with HeatlessWaves on damp hair.

What is the difference between HeatlessWaves and curling irons? HeatlessWaves is completely heat-free and is best used in damp hair. It does not damage your hair and gives you beautiful curls without burning or damaging your hair. A curling iron is used with high heat and on dry hair. They are two different products that give similar results.

Is it comfortable to sleep with HeatlessWaves?

Yes, it is soft and comfortable. Your hair becomes one with the product. HeatlessWaves is made of 100% silk, which gives a silky texture. This product is used to advantage together with our pillowcases in 100% mulberry silk.

Fabric: 100% Mulberry silk, 22-momme

Color: Golden Sand

Patented : Within the EU

Size: 95 cm long, 3 cm in diameter
Includes: 1 hair clip and 2 satin scrunchies.

Manufacturing has taken place under approved forms.

- 100% Mulberry silk

- High quality and "heavy" so it doesn't fly around.

How to use heatlesswaves

Wrap your hair around HeatlessWaves

For best results, use HeatlessWaves on damp hair. The tighter you wrap your hair around, the less curls you get. Secure the hair at the bottom with the included scrunchies.

Wait until the hair is dry

While your magic curls are being created, you can do other things. We recommend sleeping with HeatlessWaves overnight.

Remove HeatlessWaves

Gently pull the HeatlessWaves up.

Brush through the hair

Feel free to use our boar brush, which gives you shiny, beautiful hair.

You look magical!

Like magic, you've got the perfect curls completely without heat.

Fast delivery

Order before 9am and it will be sent the same day. Valid Monday - Friday.


Created from 100% 6A grade 22 momme Mulberry silk

Healthy hair in focus

No more split ends or split ends

Zero heat

Maximum Result

Take care of your hair

Healthy long hair

you can get if you take care of your hair right. Say no to chemicals in your hair and high heat.