Scrunchie i siden, röd - LENOITES
Scrunchie i siden, röd - LENOITES
Scrunchie i siden, röd - LENOITES
Scrunchie i siden, röd - LENOITES
Scrunchie i siden, röd - LENOITES
Scrunchie i siden, röd - LENOITES

Mulberry Silk Scrunchie, Red

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Stylish and timeless scrunchie made of 100% mulberry silk with a weight of 22 momme - which is the measure of the silk's quality and thickness. A piece of jewelry for the hair without rubbing on the outer layer which promotes healthy hair. Counteracts marks and imprints during updos.

- Fabric: 100% 22-Momme 6A Grade Mulberry Silk

- Certification: Oeko-Tex®

- Size: Ø 10 cm

- Manufacturing has taken place in approved forms

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This item will be delivered in a signature Lenoites box, perfect for gifting. 

Keep your hair soft and moisturised

Silk material soaks up less oils, product and moisture than regular cotton hair ties. Leaving you with visibly soft hair.

prevents hair breakage

Silks smooth texture lets your hair glide over it with little to no friction. So, no snags, no tangles, no pieces of hair stuck inside. And your hair stays frizz free. 

No hair crinkles 

Taking your hair down and finding that it has all those indents will be a thing of the past! Silk soft material keeps your hair crinkle free.


Our scrunchies have super stretchy elastic, making it easy for everyone with fine to thick hair to easily tie their hair up in a bun, puff or ponytail with just one or two wraps. 

Reduce tension

Putting hair up into a tight ponytail with a standard elastic hair tie can create quite a bit of tension in the head. You might find that you suffer from compression headaches if you wear your hair up like this a lot. Lenoites silk scrunchies can help prevent this as they don´t pull hair back as tightly, thus reducing tension.


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