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Mulberry Silk Pillowcase 50x60 cm, Grey

Örngott i siden 50x60 cm, grå - LENOITES
Örngott i siden 50x60 cm, grå - LENOITES
Örngott i siden 50x60 cm, grå - LENOITES
Örngott i siden 50x60 cm, grå - LENOITES

Using Lenoites ® pillowcases is recommended by dermatologists, hairdressers and beauty experts!

Experience real beauty sleep on one of Lenoites luxurious silk pillowcases. Lenoites uses 100% pure mulberry silk and the pillowcase has shiny long silk threads and durable quality. The fabric is created in 22-momme, which is the measure of the fabric's thickness. Of course, all our pillowcases are free of toxic dyes and harmful chemicals and hold OEKO-TEX® certification.

Anti Aging
We spend a third of our lives in bed. Silk pillowcases absorbs significantly less face cream than cotton pillowcases. The moisture pulled into the pillow can also draw in allergens and bacteria, causing damage and reactions to your hair and skin. Sleeping on a silk surface means less moisture will be taken from your skin and hair, so they can help keep your skin’s moisture and valuable face and hair products where they belong.

The silk surface also reduces the friction between your skin and hair against the pillow, which can result in less breakage when it comes to your hair and potentially less opportunity to cause skin irritation or reactions while sleeping.

Anti Sleep Crease
When you sleep, you gain an average of 5 kg of weight on your skin. If you sleep on a cotton pillowcase, your face is pressed into the cotton, which absorbs the skin's moisture while giving you deepened lines and sleep wrinkles. That's why you wake up with sleep crease. Although it usually disappear later the same day, they can be gradually "ironed in" over the years.

Sleeping on silk is a fantastic beauty secret. Sleep wrinkles is nothing but a memory and the skin will feel moisturized and smooth every morning.

Anti Bed Head
During the night's sleep, your hair risks to losing shape and becoming both tangling and frizzy. When you move during your sleep, your moisture-deprived hair rubs against the cotton fibres of your pillow, causing a lot of friction. Over time, the hair becomes weak and brittle, and can break off. Silk pillowcase reduces friction while maintaining the hair's natural oils. It makes you wake up with a smooth, healthy and soft hair. Hairdressers also recommend silk pillows to customers to preserve blow out.

Fabric: 100% 22-Momme 6A Grade Mulberry Silk

50 * 60 cm, European standard

Certification: Oeko-Tex®

Closing: Envelope

Manufacturing has taken place in approved forms

The better you take care of your product, the better it takes care of you. See our recommended care guide by following this link.

This item will be delivered in a signature Lenoites box, perfect for gifting. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Erika (Sollebrunn, SE)

Så fina örngott och som gör gott! Aldrig torr och inge tät i näsan när man vaknar.

Olga Andersson

Jätteskön att sova på.

Ninni Sundén (Malmo, SE)
Mullbärsiden örngott

Har ”gnuggat” av mitt hår vid tinningen, läste på om siden örngott och valde sedan efter mycket efterforskning lenoites örngott. Skillnad jag märkt är att mitt hår inte sticker rakt upp på morgonen längre. Örngottet är mjukt och skönt att ligga på🥰

Fredrik Källström
Mulberry Silk Pillowcase


Sara (Huddinge, SE)

Nu vill jag byta alla våra sängkläder till detta material

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Örngott i siden 50x60 cm, grå - LENOITES
Örngott i siden 50x60 cm, grå - LENOITES
Örngott i siden 50x60 cm, grå - LENOITES
Örngott i siden 50x60 cm, grå - LENOITES
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