Microneedle Acne Patch
Microneedle Acne Patch
Microneedle Acne Patch
Microneedle Acne Patch
Microneedle Acne Patch
Microneedle Acne Patch
Microneedle Acne Patch
Microneedle Acne Patch

Microneedle Acne Patch

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Lenoites Microneedle Acne Patch is a patch powered by microtechnology. These tiny microneedles penetrate the skin and target to reduce acne and blemishes faster. The patch also helps absorb the fluid that comes out of blemishes and pimples and encapsulates it to reduce the spread of bacteria. With the help of its magical ingredients, it speeds up the process and helps your pimples disappear faster (or to prevent before it becomes an active pimple). Use at night for best results.

• Absorbs and draws out sebum

• Heals faster

• 100 pcs (painless!) microneedles

• Works effectively for the deep pimple that is on the way up and for the pimple that has already broken out

1. Rinse the skin and clean it of any dirt. Dry the skin for the patch to work as effectively as possible.

2. Remove the protective layer to expose the patch, its microneedles, and its ingredients. Gently press into areas with acne or blemishes.

3. Leave the patch on overnight or at least 8 hours.

Number of needles: 100 pcs

Length of the needles: 450um

Size: 15*18 mm

Color: Transparent

Hyaluronic acid helps repair damaged skin

Salicylic acid helps treat acne

Sophora flavescens extract antioxidant and helps calm redness

Nicotinamide tea polyphenols help restore the color of the skin

Centella asiatica extract has moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties

Fast delivery

Order before 9am and it will be sent the same day. Valid Monday - Friday.

Fast effect

Visible results already after 2 hours

Finer, longer and more stable needles

compared to similar microneedle acne patches.

Endorsed by doctors

We develop and formulate all our products together with our board of physicians. Their expertise and strict standards for manufacturing and testing the products have helped us create products that combat acne and acne-related problems.

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Good for: Acne and blemishes

Feels like: One with the skin

Smells like: Fragrance free

FYI: Dermatologically Developed • Vegan • Oil Free

Usage guide


Wipe dry


Once dry, apply Lenoites Microneedle Acne Patches.

Leave on for at least 2 hours

For best results, leave the patch on overnight or for at least 8 hours.

Important! Apply only to clean, dry skin. You only put on serum and night cream after you have applied the patch. Put serum/cream around the patch to prevent the patch from absorbing liquid other than sebum and to prevent the patch from slipping.

Healthy skin


• acne

• scars

• dark spots

Less damage, more beauty.

Each unit box is 100% recyclable and made from FSC-certified paper.

Lenoites is also connected to FTI. We pay packaging fees that cover the cost of recycling the packaging into new products.