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Beauty to the next level

1. Beauty is the foundation of everything we do.

2. Our customers trust that we always offer high quality.

3. We move forward with creativity and innovation in focus.


Laila Högfeldt

My journey towards healthier skin inspired me to develop products that really work, in a way that is accessible to everyone. I believe in two-way communication and with your help we can develop together.

Lenoite's products are produced through my close realtion to my followers. I don't want to tell you what you need, but Lenoites produces products that our customers themselves say they wish existed to highlight their natural beauty. We produce high-quality products based on science and fantastic formulations that at the same time feel luxurious in the hand and have a reasonable price so that everyday luxury becomes real. I want our customers to be able to afford the product instead of buying an expensive product and not daring to use it because it "should be saved".

I hope that Lenoite's products will become a staple in your beauty routine and accompany you through your journey of life, no matter where you are on your journey through life.

Xoxo, Laila


We always put quality before price. We never reduce the quality to reduce the price, but always choose the best quality raw materials.

We work with talented dermatologists, chemists and industrial leaders. We believe in science and advancing it.

We never overcharge, but always try to set the lowest possible price. Customers always come first.