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Lenoites ® Eyelash Serum, 5 ml

Lenoites ® Ögonfransserum, 5 ml - LENOITES
Lenoites ® Ögonfransserum, 5 ml - LENOITES
Lenoites ® Ögonfransserum, 5 ml - LENOITES
Lenoites ® Ögonfransserum, 5 ml - LENOITES
Lenoites ® Ögonfransserum, 5 ml - LENOITES

Get longer, thicker and fuller lashes with Lenoites ® Eyelash Serum. Developed with 15 powerful and high-quality ingredients (biotin, panthenol, peptides, etc.), it takes your lashes to new levels. With the help of natural ingredients, thin, sparse and short lashes become thicker, denser and longer. In addition to length and volume, the serum also works to repair and protect your lashes from external damage. Use the serum daily for healthy and luxurious lashes.

When should you use the product?
If you have thin and short lashes and want them to be longer and more powerful. If you have weak lashes after using false eyelashes or lash extensions. If you have lost many lashes due to illness.

Dry and wash your face. Apply a thin line on the area where the eyelashes meet the skin in exactly the same way as if you were painting an eyeliner. Apply with advantage both morning and evening for faster results. Let the serum dry for about 2 minutes so that the lash root has time to absorb all the ingredients. Once you have achieved the desired result, apply every other day to maintain results.

How fast do I see results?
Most people notice a difference already after 2-3 weeks, it varies from person to person. Full results take 8 - 12 weeks depending on which growth cycle your lashes were in when you started using the serum.

What happens when I stop using the eyelash serum?
The effect lasts for between 8-12 weeks. When the serum stops being applied, you will lose your eyelashes at the usual rate and the new lashes will grow to their normal length.

Can I use the serum on the eyebrows?
Yes, the serum will also make your eyebrows thicker, stronger and denser.


Pregnancy and breastfeeding
Our serum contains only natural ingredients and is safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, we always recommend that you consult your doctor before use as the product has not been tested on pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Lash extension
Yes, our serum contains no oils. The product can be used to advantage while you have lash extensions.

Has the serum been tested on animals?
No, our serums are not tested on animals and are of course vegan.

Are there any side effects?
The serum increases the blood supply to the eyelash roots. In the beginning, you may experience a tingling sensation. This is not dangerous and disappears as you use the product.

Shelf life

Shelf life in unopened packaging is 3 years. Opened product is recommended to be consumed within one year.


Pro Tips: Use Lenoites sleep mask to protect your lashes. 


Offer: Get a serum for free by documenting
- Send in clear before and after photos of high quality on your lashes or eyebrows. The photos should be taken from the same angle.

- Take a picture with yourself and Lenoites ® eyelash serum.

- Film a short sequence where you tell about your experience with Lenoites ® eyelash serum. You can also choose to show how to apply the product.

- Photo and film must be clear, of high quality, unedited and without filters or text. Send the material to or via WeTransfer if the files are too large to be emailed. When this is done, we will send you a new serum for free!


Water: for consistency.
Hyaluronic acid: moisturizing ingredient that nourishes.
Biotinyl Tripeptide-1: makes lashes thicker, fuller and longer.
Myristoyl Peptide - 17: strengthens and thickens lashes.
B7: helps the lashes grow longer, stronger and fuller.
B5: nourishes the lash root and counteracts lash fall.
Pentylene Glycol: stabilizes the serum naturally.
Panax Ginseng Extract: strengthens fringe growth from root to tip.
Swertia Japonica Extract: increases blood flow directly to each lash root.
Pumpkin seed extract: prevents fringe and promotes growth.
Acorus Calamus Root extract: strengthens the hair roots deeply.
Serenoa Serrulata Fruit extract: stimulates fringe growth.
Oligopeptide-10: nourishes the hair roots for healthier and thicker lashes.
Vitamin E: protects lashes from external damage.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 91 reviews
M.M. (Skellefteå, SE)
Äntligen bryn !

Jag har efter 2 månader av användning ( var annan dag , riklig påföring) äntligen fått mig ett par ögonbryn efter år utan.Ögonfransarna har också växt på sig ordentligt men det var främst på grund av brynen jag köpte serumet! Så nöjd !! Bilderna visar efter en månad.

Helene Åkerlund-Broström (Arboga, SE)

Lenoites ® Eyelash Serum, 5 ml

S.C. (Skogstorp, SE)
Bästa jag använt!

Mina fransar har blivit både långa, tjockare och tätare! Är så otroligt nöjd och jag kan fortsätta gå och göra lashlift utan att mina fransar tar skada av serumet. Svider inte heller när man lägger på de!! Älskar det!


Mina fransar har aldrig varit snyggare! Många tror att det inte är mina egna.

Ida Löfvenius (Stockholm, SE)


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Lenoites ® Ögonfransserum, 5 ml - LENOITES
Lenoites ® Ögonfransserum, 5 ml - LENOITES
Lenoites ® Ögonfransserum, 5 ml - LENOITES
Lenoites ® Ögonfransserum, 5 ml - LENOITES
Lenoites ® Ögonfransserum, 5 ml - LENOITES
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