We have asked Laila Högfeldt to share her best and secret (!!!) tips for long, full and dense lashes.


1. Place the serum next to your night cream. In this way you will be reminded of it every night. I also have a lash serum on my bedside table in case I forget to apply it before I go to bed 🛏️

2. Always use the eyelash serum as the last step in your night time skincare routine 🧖‍♀️

3. To ensure that the hair roots are fully nourished, I first swipe the brush along the lash line like an eyeliner. Then I lift the eyelid and apply under the lash line. I always apply from the inside out. Then I usually brush a little up against the lash tops 👀

4. Remember to apply on the lower lash line and also a little on the eyebrows if you also want fuller eyebrows. You can also use our eyebrow serum, it makes it easier to apply on the eyebrows and access the roots properly.⭐

5. For extra hygienic tips, wipe the brush before putting it back in the bottle. This way you do not get bacteria and ingredients from your skincare products into the bottle ✨

Beauty Greetings,


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